Wilson Creek

The People

The People Make Wilson Creek Special

No matter if you are a first time visitor or a fourth generation resident, once you experience Wilson Creek with it’s breath taking beauty or hear the power of the deafening flow of the water as it fights it’s way through narrowing passages in the gorge or hear the sounds of the hounds as they race over distant ridges in pursuit of their quarry the elusive black bear. Or maybe you will hear the joyous shrills of a child as they are surprised by the breath taking chill of the clean water as they dip themselves in the creek. May be that you are a young man or woman enjoying the warmth of the sun as you bask in the comfort received from laying on the boulders in the sunshine as if you were a lizard. It does not matter weather your enjoying a peaceful hike or an adrenalin filled off road motorcycle ride up the side of an impossible trail on brown mountain, you will find Wilson Creek has something to offer every one. And once you feel the tug on your heart, by this place, to return—you will be transformed into a citizen of the creek as you are filled with the desire to return again and again and share your experience with others. Only then will you be struct with the realization that YOU are THE PEOPLE.